The Body donation

The Body donation contributes :
- to programs of anatomical and scientific, medical and surgical research,
- to the anatomical and surgical teaching of future physicians and surgeons,
- to simulation training programs for hospital teams.
The bodies are essential for surgeons wishing to perfect themselves.

What to do to become a donor ?

You can download the file by clicking  here [PDF - 1 Mo] or ask it by writing, by phone or directly to the Body Donation Center (the contacts are on the right)

The download file includes the following documents  :
  1. A general information leaflet.
  2. A model of a will to be copied by hand in two copies by the donor.
  3. A medical certificate to be filled by the family doctor (serological analyses must be provided : for legal reasons of safety with respect to students, laboratory staff, we must check that the donor does not present contagious diseases).
  4. A fact sheet to complete and sign.

Removal, waiver ?

What should I do if I change my adress ?

- In the event of a change of address in the Poitou-Charentes region : notify the Body Donation Center of Poitiers.
- In the case of a change of name : notify he Body Donation Center of Poitiers and communicate the evidence.
- In the case of a new residence outside the Région Poitou-Charentes : warn the Body Donation Center of Poitiers, because the donation of the body is no longer possible in Poitiers. Return your donor card : in return, a certificate will be sent to you stating that you are no longer registered as a donor in our center. You will need to get in touch with the Body Donation Center closest to your new home.

What should I do in the event of a waiver ?

Warn the Body Donation Center of Poitiers. Return your donor card :  a certificate will be sent to you stating that your are no longer registered as a donor in our center.

Procedure to be completed at the time of the death ? In the Poitou-Charentes region or outside.

The death occurs in the Region Poitou- Charentes :

Contact :   
      The Ambulances MÉLUSINE  Tel. : 05 49 43 31 86
even on weekends and holidays. (Or the Body Donation Center)

They will take care of the removal of the body in compliance with the regulatory deadlines of the transport (maximum 24 hours from the date of death, it can be increasded to 48 hours but inquire before).

Mandatory documents to be provided to the Body Donation Center of Poitiers.

  1. The original card of donor of the Body Donation Center of Poitiers.
  2. A certificate of death* and a note he /she's not contagious (issued by the doctor who notices the death).
  3. An authorization for transport for the others cities than Poitiers (issued by the ambulance driver).
* The certificate of death is the first document to be obtained.
- when the death occurs at hospital, clinic or retirement home, the doctor of the depatment establises it or the institution deals with the procedure.
- At home, the entourage of the deceased must call a doctor (generalist, specialist, ...).

Statement in Town Hall :
When the death occurs at home, it must be declarared within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) at he town hall of the place of death.
To report the death, the person making the declaration must submit the following documents :
- a document providing his/her identity
- the death certificate
- any other document concerning the deceased : family record, identity card, birth or marriage certificate, passport etc.
Following the declaration of death, the mayor establishes a death certificate. The declarant must inform the town hall that it is a body donation to the Body Donation Center of Poitiers, with immediate transport without brewing.


The death occurs outside the region Poitou - Charentes :

The Body Donation Center of Poitiers does not handle the body if it takes place outside the region.
Contact the Body Donation Center closest to the donor's place of death to find out if it is in the capacity to accept the donation from the body (list on the card).
Send a copy of the death certificate to the Body Donation Center of Poitiers.

Questions / Answers :

  - Who can donate his/her body ?
Every adult can donate his body. Donations from minors or adult under guardianship are prohibited.
The choice to give one's body is a personal approach that is not irreversible. The donor may change his mind at any time by returning his card to the Faculty of Medicine.

  - What do we do after the cremation ?
The bodies are incinerated at the Crematorium of the District of Poitiers. Executors, or parents, are not informed of the date of the incineration.
The ashes are not returned, they are deposited in a Donor's concession located at  the Pierre Levée cemetery, so that families who desire to, staff and students of Medicine can mourn there.

  - Which are the case when donation is not possible ?
- The application form is not complete or the donor card is missing
- Failure to comply with the time limit of 24 or 48 hours, as the case may be, to transport the body.
- For medico-legal reasons (death resulting from a road accident, suicide, death resulting from a weapon, drowning, ...)
- A death due to a contagious disease, or occured overseas,  obliging to put the body in a coffin.
- Either for exceptional technical difficulties of the Center (lack of spaces, employes, etc...).

  - Is there any religious obstacles ?
The following religions authorize the donation :Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism and Hinduism (for the body is cremated afterwards).
The following religions prohibit it : Islam, Judaism, African tradition.
The Orthodox religion stays under reserve.

In cas of doubt, you should refer to your spiritual guide.


Beware : Body donation is not an organ or bone marrow donation

In the case of a body donation, the donor's death is noticed and the body has no medical assistance. The body is useful for training future physicians and specialists as well as for medical research.

In the case of an organ donation, the patient's death is noticed but his organs are kept artifically in a state of function until they are removed by surgery. or  France ADOT 86

The bone marrow removal is performed on a voluntary living donor compatible with the  patient who needs the graft.
You can be an organ donor and a body donor, BUT the organ donation which can save a life has priority over the body donation at death.

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