Reseach for the faculty

Research is an important element for the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Poitiers : 2 doctoral schools, 5 Inserm structures, 2 UPRES teams. Five other reseach teams on the campus host faculty researchers.

Qualification to direct Reseach since 2003 [PDF - 306 Ko]
Unviersity thesis of the Doctoral School since 2003 [DOC - 169 Ko]

Reseach units :

Research Year for residents

The organisation of the Research Year is definded by the Arrêté du 8 juillet 2010 [PDF - 66 Ko] amending the Arrêté du 4 octobre 2006 [PDF - 64 Ko].

The Research Year occurs during the academic year following its assignment (which depends on the quality of the project).
The resident file their application for a Research Year with the faculty to whixh they belong.
For the year 2017 the procedure is as follows :



The Research year procedure for residents is reinstated. Its concerns all residents except those at the end of the DES course.
Interested residents who have validated their Master 1 will have to send the followin file including !

Ø  a cover letter

Ø  a curriculum vitae

Ø  a research project in a labeled unit

Ø  a letter from the director of the research project

  This file must be sent by post or delivered by hand before Friday, 23th March 2018 to Michelle Dubreuil, Dean Assistant, Faculté de médecine et de pharmacie – 6 rue de la Milétrie – TSA 51115 - 86073 Poitiers Cedex or to :

Scientific Council Reports

The Scientific Council reports of the Faculty are available  here. (identification required).

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