The University of Poitiers offers its students several digitals tools :

Digital services of the University of  Poitiers

useful digital tools for the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

Digital Working Environment - ENT

The Digital Working Environment is a single access to all of the university's digital services.

To be informed and communicate :

Email ;
Virtual office;
Diaries and timetables ;
Subscribing to mailing lists

To manage your personal file :
Consultation of the administration file ;
Notes and results.

To train  :
Educational platforms  (Medphar2, C2i, langues).

To get informations  :
Documentary portal ;
UBIB, online librarians ;
UPtv, the webTV of the University.

Practical life :
Offers ;
Computers booking ;
CROUS menus.

Courses planning - upplanning

Upplanning is a scheddule of rooms and courses. Also accessible from your ENT, Upplanning allows you to consult the schedule of your promotion.

Pedagogical Platform of Medicine and Pharmacy - medphar 2

All the courses of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy are accessible on the Medphar 2 Pedagogical Platform. The platform is also accessible via ENT.
You must be registered administratively at the faculty to access to the platform.

Video courses-  mediasite video library

The courses of the PACES year are podcasted and accessible in diffusion on Mediasite.
You must be registered administratively at the faculty to access to the platform.

Training platforms for the Computer and Internet Certificate - C2i

From the beginning of  2013, level 1 an 2 certificates (health professions) become mandatory or Medicine and Pharmacy students.

The University of Poitiers provides  students with two training platforms which will allow them to prepare for the certification exams. Administrative registration at the University is necessary in order to access to the platforms.

C2i level 1 :

C2i level 2 Health professions 

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