The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy has been a part of University of Poitiers since its creation in 1432. I still keeps  the originality of being a joint faculty gathering Medicine and Phamracy in the same faculty (juste like Besançon and Rouen in France).

The faculty is situated on the Miletrie site, close to :
  • the University Hospital
  • the Biology / Health research center (gathering multidisciplinary research teams)
  • the Sciences faculty
It has 5 amphitheaters (one of 850 places), a library of 200 study spaces, a cefeteria, a videoconferencing room, and a 340 parking spaces.
The faculty has a major role in Health Sciences research but also has the mission to train general practioners and specialists, pharmacists, midwives, speech therapists useful for health needs of the Poitou - Charentes area.
The educational mission is of primary importance because it determines the medical and pharmaceutical training capacities of the young people of the region who, at the end of their studies, will be able to practice their profession in the liberal or public sector.
The residents of General Medicine and the different specialities, can find in the hospital/univeristy  of Poitiers network (as well as the hospitals of the region Poitou-Charentes) a training of which it is up to the Faculty to supervice the quality.

Research laboratories :
  • Clinical Investigation Center of Poitiers (CIC Inserm 1402)
  • Ischemia-Reperfusion (inserm U1082)
  • Pharmacology and antimicrobial Agent (Inserm U1070)
  • Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences Laboratory (LNEC - Inserm U1084)
  • Inflammation, epithelial tissues and cytokines Laboratory (LITEC EA 4331)
  • Neurovascular Unit and cognitive disorders (NEUVACOD EA 3808)

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