Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy registrations

Registration in PACES (Common First year

Conditions of admission :

In accordance with article L 612-3 of the Education Code, priority is given to the baccalauréat holders of the Academy of Poitiers. When the candidatures do not exceed the capacity of reception, the faculty reserves the right to inscribe the bachelors of the other academies while privileging the bordering academies.

You enter one of the following scenarios:
  1. Candidates who have followed the procedure  « Parcoursup »
  2. Candidates whose procedure « Parcoursup » has failed
  3. Students who have been granted a registration agreement following a CFE procedure or an application for prior authorization (DAP)
  4. Non Post-Bac students
How to enroll in PACES -2017 [PDF - 185 Ko]

Activate your SEL account  : see the i-médias site

1st year of Speech Therapy registration

Re-enrollement in Medicine / Pharmacy / Midwifery / Speech Therapy

Re-enrollment procedure - 2017/2018 [PDF - 350 Ko]
This document also concerns students who have repeated the PACES.

Master's Degree in Research and Engineering in Biohealth registration

The presentation meeting of Master 1 PNBCM-RIB is schedules for Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 6:15 pm in the Debré amphitheater.

 UE registration form 2017/2018 [PDF - 140 Ko]

Conditions of admission :
From the 2nd year onwards for students enrolled in Medicine and Midwifery (except for the English UE, open from the 3rd year), and from the 3rd year for students enrolled in Pharmacy.

In the second year  of a Master's Degree (M2), the resident in medicine students require a lay-off or the demand for a "research year", thus exempted from the obligations of hospital internship. This year is carried out after the end of DFASM3 National Computerized Cassifying Tests (ECNI).

Remarks : Students who have validated their M1 in Poitiers can do their M2 at another university, subject to the latter's agreement.
In the same way, student from the Health Sector who have validated their M1 at another university will be able to apply for enrollment in M2 at University of Poitiers.

Clinical Trials and Drug Development Master's Degree registration

Objective : to provide students with the necessary  knowledge to participate in drug development activities, including clinical development, in industrial or hospital-university settings.

This speciality, which is resolutely oriented towards the practice of clinical trials and epidemiological studies, also enables students to acquire skills in fields in direct relation, such as pre-clinical development, regulatory affairs, data management, pharmaceutical marketing, medico-economic studies.

Conditions of access Master1 : maximum number of places : 15
Students with a general licence whose content is in line with the master's thesis (physiology, pharmacology, biology, ...)

Classes take place from the beginning of September to the end of April.

Conditions of access Master 2 : maximum number of places : 25
- Students having validated the 5th year of the studies of pharmacy or medicine, residents benefiting from a Research year
- Sceintific students who have validated the corresponding M1 or more, exceptionally, another M1 whose content is adapted for the follow-up of the M2.

Classes take place from mid-September to mid-January.

Below you will find the link to connect the candidacies management software : ciell2.appli.univ-poitiers.fr/WebCiell2/Candidature/indexCandidature.jsp

Beware : applications for the 2017/2018 academic year will be open from 20 March 2017 to 15 May 2017. After that date, it will no longer be possible to register.

Registration for behalf of others

Exceptionally, you can register a person who is unable to travel with a power of attorney, a copy of his / her  identity card, a method of payment and adequate documentation. The student card will be issued and / or updated later on the student's physical presentation at the registration counters with the certificate of education (unless otherwise indicated on the power of attorney).

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